Keyboard Not Responding in Script Editor

I was running a for loop that required a user input response from a menu() execution. I had to break the loop to edit the code, so I Esc'd out, made my edit, but then after that character keystrokes don't seem to appear in the script editor. I can use directional keys, I can highlight code, but I can't backspace, delete, or add characters (type anything).

My suspicion is that this may be related to killing the for loop while awaiting a response, but I've restarted the R session and the computer and the problem persists. I can type into the console and use all other functions of RStudio, it's just the actual editing of code that won't happen.

Any thoughts?

Basic System Info:
R version 3.4.4 (2018-03-15)
RStudio Version 1.2.1114
Ubuntu 16.04

EDIT: Tried un and reinstalling RStudio 1.2, no dice. Going to try to rollback the version and see what happens.

EDIT EDIT: It was a problem with 1.2 sighs, I guess that's why it's still in beta. Running the updated 1.1 version and I can type in the code editor again.

We appreciate your taking the time to test. Any chance you're able to provide us with a reproducible example? If we're able to reproduce the problem locally, we're much more likely to be able to fix the underlying issue.

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