keyboard shortcut cheat sheets for #rstats adjacent tools

I am always trying to shift more of my interaction to the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts for the RStudio IDE are already well-documented (see page 2 of the RStudio IDE cheat sheet or hit ++K.

But I also want to stay more on the keyboard outside of RStudio in adjacent tools, such as, Slack or my browser.
While I was hunting for more cheat sheets to decorate my office with, I noted these on GitHub, including, wherever possible, a decent PDF version, HTML and a shortcut for the shortcuts.

Perhaps this is helpful for others as well:

PRs with more suggestions are always welcome.

Curious to learn what other people are doing to stick to the keyboard.

And yes, my desk looks roughly like this scene from A Beautiful Mind, minus the genius in front of it.

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Key bindings are the secret sauce to programming productivity. I'm moving back from MAC OS to *nix after a long affair with the ⌘ key and having to reprogram my muscle memory for ⌘A, ⌘E, ⌘K and the like. I was amazed after being away from vi for almost 15 years some time ago, that the fingers remembered what the tongue could not explain.

GUI is gooey.

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