Keyboard shortcuts not working

Certain keyboard shortcuts are not working anymore, such as Ctrl-Shift-C for (un)commenting lines and Ctrl-Shift-M for the pipe.
Ctrl-L for clearing the console and Ctrl-Shift-N for a new file do work, though.

Until yesterday, these shortcuts worked fine.

I've deleted and re-installed RStudio, both the preview (1.3.1087) and the stable version (1.3.1073).
I also deleted the RStudio folder from the appdata folder, but the problem remains.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro.

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!


Check they haven't been remapped by looking in the edit keyboard shortcuts window.

Also, some shortcuts depend on what task you're presently working on.

I use Ctrl+Shift+D to duplicate lines constantly when I'm teaching or just coding on my own, so it's always frustrating to me when I'm working on a package and I want to make a copy of a line of code but I end up redoing my package documentation instead. So, verify you haven't changed anything else about how you're working in R too.

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Thanks for your reply.
Another new installed program (AMD Radeon), which ran in the background, had taken over these keyboard shortcuts.
I uninstalled AMD and now they are working in R again :slight_smile:


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