knitr include_graphics() cutting my image


So I am trying to import an image that I want to show full sized in R markdown via this code:


I have tried to change a variety of the option but I don't get it to work. The image shows but the full length of the image doesn't show.


ball <- readPNG("2017_2018downloadsR.png", native = TRUE)
plot(0:1, 0:1, type = "n", ann = FALSE, axes = FALSE)
rasterImage(ball, 0, 0, 1, 1)

Doing that code shows the full graph but it is so small. Image size is 1343 x 722 pixels.

Your image is getting cropped just in the source pane or in the knitted document as well?
I believe that what you see on the source pane is just a place holder (or a preview) for your image before it gets knitted to its final output, so maybe this behavior is by design.


I haven't tried to knit the document. I do intend to present it within Rmarkdown like this at the moment just given the big bits of data I want preloaded and issues with some of the outputs to knit. I'll have a check.

So after working on it again it displayed full for some reason. It was rather odd.

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