Knitr/kable captions for each elements of list

I am trying to convert my results table into PDF, but I am not be able to get the results as I want it to. As an example I am using the datasets iris. Here is the code in R Markdown:

title: "Untitled"
date: "06/11/2020"
output: pdf_document
```{r results = "asis", echo = FALSE}

             ls <- list(table1=result,table2=result)
             for(x in seq_along(ls)){

The results create a table with each of their caption, but it is not seperated with the name of the Species. Here is the pdf results:

test.pdf (73.6 KB)

Anyone could help me? Thank you!

What would the captions be if the code worked at desired?

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It would be look something like this, where every 2 table results would be seperated by the name of the species instead of having all the name of species at the end like in the PDF that I sent above.

Sorry for the late reply and Thank you!