Knitting issue with costars

Guys, can someone give a hand, please?

I have a problem knitting the document..

Thanks a lot!


thanks for posting here!

i'll put back the answer I made already in the GH issue

The error says that Rnew is not found. From your code, Rnew is not defined outside the function definition corstars. So I think you need to call the function corstars on the x you want to calculate Rnew. Otherwise, Rnew does not exist.

Currently you are under the impression the code works because you may have a Rnew object already existing in your workspace. When you run code from the Rmd chunk, it will run in your workspace. Try to run the code in a new R session with a fresh empty global environment and you should reproduce the error.

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Thank you so much, Christophe!! It finally worked for me.. was so upset minded not to realize that.

Have a great day still!

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Great it worked !

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