Knitting Problem

I am trying to run the following code:

hist(environmental$ozone, main = "", xlab = "Ozone (ppb)", prob = T) lines(density(environmental$ozone))

The code runs fine in chunks, but the Rmarkdown file won't knit. I get and 'x' contains missing values error.

Here's the link to the project:

HELP. I need to give students this assignment tomorrow.
Thank you.


Can you offer a reproducible example ? I can't access your project for now.

Check every chunk in the document. When you knit with the button, it will render in a clean sessions and nothing in your current worskpace will be accessible.

The code runs fine when I copy and pasted the Rmarkdown file into a brand new project.

Weird. But THANK YOU so much for the quick response!

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Glad it works now!

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I fixed this by creating a new project and copying and pasting the RMarkdown file. So not sure what was wrong but it's fixed :slight_smile:

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