Knitting Rmarkdown file as a long picture?


I know rmarkdown doesn't support long picture output. I just wonder, if there is any smarter way for me to make a well-formatted and wiki-embeddable report from my .rmd file?

I frequently use rmarkdown to write reports and share with my colleagues. But there are two issues. First, if i output the report as PDF file, its format sometimes messes up because large plots would skip to next page and leave a big blank behind. Second, if i output as HTML file, it would be not well-formatted when my colleagues open it in their phones.

Now, I usually output as html file and take full-size screenshot from Chrome. After I get a long picture, I can just embed it into my wiki page. I know it is a little stupid, but it's the best way for me.

Looking forward to the smarter ideas.

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Thanks for sharing. (and sorry for the delay)

What is a long picture exactly ?

If you are able to precise what you have in mind, this could be a feature request.

I am not sure to understand correctly and what this would mean in term of code to make this happen.

Is there any Rmd output format that works regarding those long pictures ?