Knitting RMD to PDF Error

When I output my RMD to PDF it says the following:

Execution halted

No TeX installation detected (TeX is required to create PDF output). You should install a recommended TeX distribution for your platform:

Windows: MiKTeX (Complete) -
(NOTE: Be sure to download the Complete rather than Basic installation)

Mac OS X: TexLive 2013 (Full) -
(NOTE: Download with Safari rather than Chrome _strongly_ recommended)

Linux: Use system package manager

Based on all of the online discussions it seems like I need to install TinyTex, but when I install it fails due add_link_dir_dir: destination /usr/local/bin not writable, no links from /Users/Jessica/Library/TinyTeX/bin/x86_64-darwinlegacy.

This seems to be a common problem that the developers have addressed and in the warning message and its github page it directs you to use this line of code "sudo chown -R whoami:admin /usr/local/bin" but when I write that code R says "Error: unexpected symbol in "sudo chown"

If you have any advice please let me know!

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The command sudo chown -R whoami:admin /usr/local/bin is not R code. It's a shell command intended to be run from a terminal command prompt. It's inadvisable to change the owner of /usr/local/bin to the user unless you plan on changing it back right after the installation.

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