knn caret variable quantitative

hi everybody,

i am trying to find a way to analyse two quantitative data with knn caret. it is an exercice for a course. my teatcher slit the partition data into

X_training <- school_adm_f$GRE.Score[training_rows]
Y_training <- school_adm_f$Chance.of.Admit[training_rows]

X_test <- school_adm_f$GRE.Score[-training_rows]
Y_test <- school_adm_f$Chance.of.Admit[-training_rows]

ich i undertand but i dont undertand what she has done bellow. i undrestand cv and **number but nor after

train_control <- trainControl(method = "cv", number = 10)
k_lots <- data.frame(k = seq(from = 1, to = 67, by = 1))

do you have any lecture or any tutorial reocmmendation for that ?

Thank you so muche for the help

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