Landscape metrics in R software

I am doing landscape metrics in r software . There is a package for it landscapemetrics. But I m getting difficulty in exporting image to TIFF file .
I m using this code for exporting image
show _ lsm(h20_ data, labels = false,class= 0,what = lsm_ p_ area)
writeraster(h20_ data,filename= "H20 .tif", format= "Gtiff",overwrite = true)

Without a reprex only general guidance can be offered. See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners.


# landscape raster is a ggplot object

# therefore, it can be saved using ggsave

ggplot2::ggsave(file = "land.tiff")

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Thanks for the solution . Now i get the image in tiff format.

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