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Dear R community,

I'm looking for a method/tool/platform/forum... thing to manage the creation of large projects online via the community of R developers. I know other platforms already exist but as far as I know, they mainly consist in share points, nothing on which you can actively discuss a topic and "create" together.

In few words, I'm working on two (2) ready to use shiny applications:

  1. Simplified stock management system, with possibility to enter new articles (and some properties such as expiry date) via shiny widgets, generate reports via LaTeX (Already done), modify properties of already existing article (e.g. storage location), etc. with a locale data storage (json or yaml).

  2. A efficient planning tool taking into account, among others, the presence of operators (daily but also vacations) and the availability of equipment (maintenance or replacement). By defining production items templates (let say 10 x 2 hours and equipment A - 1 hour and B - 2 hours per 1,000 units), I can define a lot size of C x 1,000 and distribute on a planning the generated "blocks" by drag and drop on the planning. As an example, for C = 2, I would need to distribute 20 blocks of 2 hours for operators, 2 for equipment A and 4 for equipment B. Any conflict would pop-up and I would easily inform everyone about the planning by automatically sending personalized planning by email.

For those two tools, some parts of the code are already existing but would require:

  • A clear definitions of the specifications ,
  • A proper organization of the code ,
  • Conformity with R style guide ,
  • Proper annotations.

If running, those applications would certainly be highly valuable to many small to mid-size manufacturing sites or even to shops facing important stock movements but who cannot necessarily afford expensive ERP. In addition, it would highly expand the use of R.

Thank you for reading, I'm looking forward to share the first MWE.

Best Regards,

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