"Latest" rstudio/plumber Docker container outdated?

Noticed that the rstudio/plumber:latest Docker container contains plumber version 0.4.6 and is in fact identical to the rstudio/plumber:v0.4.6 container. Was wondering whether this is intentional or an oversight? Will a container for version 1.0.0 be released or is version 1.0.0 not considered stable enough for that? I note that there also exists a rstudio/plumber:next container, but that appears to bring in the latest development version from GitHub, which is not what I want either. I could just install plumber version 1.0.0 on a rocker image myself, but I would like to confirm whether version 1.0.0 is suitable for production use before doing so, since the fact that no official plumber 1.0.0 docker container exists suggests otherwise. Perhaps @barret would know better as he appears to have updated the Docker containers a couple days ago?

Github action yaml hasn't been updated yet.

We have all our production pods using plumber from github, it has been solid.

I opened a PR. Action runs on the first of each month. In the mean time, you can use this Docker file to build a docker image with plumber 1.0.0 version.





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