Latest RStudio Won't Start

The current version of RStudio, 1.2.1335 won't start on my Windows 10 PC. If I uninstall it, then re-install version 1.2.671, it works until I shut it down. Then I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work again.
Here is the first error message (the forum won't let me attach them all). Note that I don't have Jenkins on my machine, so the path must refer to an RStudio developer machine. 2019-08-29_RStudio01
I am running the latest version of Windows 10 and the latest version of R (3.6.1, 64-bit). R starts fine by itself. I also tried renaming my RStudio-Desktop to backup_RStudio-Desktop, and similarly for AppData/RStudio to backup_RStudio (as detailed here: Neither helped. I have also tried uninstalling R, RTools and RStudio, rebooting, and reinstalling them. That didn't help either.

I've run RStudio for years, most recently I ran v. 1.2.671 for about 11 months on the same machine I'm having trouble now. This problem only started when I upgraded to v. 1.2.1335. For a few months, I've been able to uninstall RStudio, then reinstall the old version and run it until I shut it down. Yesterday that stopped working.

Here is the second error that appears once I close the first error.

One possibility: I wonder if you somehow ended up with mismatched components between older and newer editions of RStudio? Does the error go away if you restart the computer, and then reinstall RStudio afterwards?

No. I've tried. Uninstalling RStudio, uninstalling R, rebooting, reinstalling R, reinstalling the latest RStudio. The main IDE comes up with a blank white screen with the menu options at the top, but no menu drops down when I click it.

Interestingly, I ran RStudio version 1.2.671 for about 11 months without a problem. Only when I installed the new version 1.2.1335 did I have problems. Starting yesterday even version 1.2.671 will no longer run.


I've got the same problem since last Windows 10 update. I've tried to press ctrl when starting RStudio, uninstall R & RStudio but nothing fix this problem.

Any other suggestion to fix it ?

Thanks in advance

Are you still seeing this with the latest release of RStudio (v1.2.5001)?