LaTex html text not rendering in web browsers


Most of my work related projects are created as R Projects. Consequently all my formulas etc are constructed through Latex in RMarkdown. When I knit my R Notebooks the LaTex renders properly but when I view the html files in either Edge, Firefox, or Chrome the LaTex doesn't render properly. All I see is the RMarkdown code. Any idea why my work computer will not render LaTex content in html?


HTML won’t render through LaTeX, either. The only commonality is a subset of maths, such as f(x) = \beta_0 + \mu similarity marked up (but not identically), using MathJax or katex in HTML.

Although a PITA, it is possible to spit out the intermediate TeX file that either produces and use Pandoc natively to do the conversion.

Can you share an example of your file ? And also you packages version maybe ?

As mentioned in other answer, LaTeX math will be rendered in HTML through a third party library called Mathjax - this is the default in R Markdown. This require a JS library to loaded.

You should then check the browser console for possible error loading the resources.

Otherwise, you can try tweaking the math rendering option. See math_method argument


File example: something as simple as (H_o) renders as ((H_o)) in all my browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox). It renders correct in the R dialog before "Open in Browser"

Is it possible how my particular network is configured that the browsers aren't seeing the Mathjax library?

I 'll have to look into the math rendering option.