Lattice and LatticeExtra when used for producing 2 plots(Simulated and Real) on the same pane results in an error

Lattice and LatticeExtra when used for producing 2 plots(Simulated and Real) on the same pane result in the following error message:
Error in UseMethod("as.layer") :
no applicable method for 'as.layer' applied to an object of class "NULL"

The R code run in RStudio is as follows:


#converting my_df.txt to a data frame called my_df by importing the dataset using RStudio's import Dataset #feature. It's attached as a PDF file called my_df.pdf. Please see the line below.

my_df.pdf (63.8 KB)
The asLayer.R code is saved as a PDF file called asLayer.pdf
asLayer.pdf (54.3 KB)

##The simulated plot
plot.Simulation <- xyplot(CV~Times,
data= subset(my_df, Times > 0.01),
type="l", # 'l' for "loess fit"
main= "Simulated vs Actual CVs",
xlab = "Time (hour)",
ylab = "Concentration (mg/mL)",
scales = list(y=list(limits=c(0,12))))
plot.Simulation # to display the simulated plot

#The real plot
MyData <- read.csv("OTC.IM.Plasma.20.txt", sep = "\t", skip = 5)
X = MyData$Time
Y = MyData$CV
plot.RealData <- plot(X, Y, type = c("p"), col = 'blue', main = "Actual Data", xlab = c('Time (hours)'), ylab = c('CV (mg/mL)'))

#Layer Simulated with Real Data plot:
plot.Simulation + as.layer(plot.RealData) # This results in the error noted at the very top.

If you read the error message carefully, you see that it complains about plot.RealData being NULL .
The result of the plot function is indeed NULL and that the plot is produced is a side effect.

Maybe you meant to use the dotplot function instead of plot?

Hi Hans,
I was just trying to reproduce code that illustrated it wasn't necessary to use ggplot and that lattice and lattice Extra could be used to produce an output of 2 plots, one from a PBPK model and another from actual (the author called it real) data.
The author was using xyplot.
Mo (I can be also reached via direct message)

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