Launch Shiny and/or Dash Apps With A Few Clicks (With Custom Domains)

Hello everyone! I have been a huge user of Dash by Plotly and Shiny as front end software development tools to quickly build and launch my/my clients various APIs, analytical tools, and machine learning algorithms to the public. I have been swamped with work as of late and for years have always been thinking to myself, wow there has to be an easier way to launch these apps easily and scale affordably without giving up customizations (including the option of custom domains).

After searching but not finding a solution I was forced non-other but to learn Ubuntu/Linux command language but that learning curve took a while and was time-consuming. I have been slowly but steadily working on building a platform that within a few clicks gives you the ability to develop, launch, and scale your Shiny or Dash app easily. I have been building this platform more for myself as of late but thought I would see if there is any interest maybe to cover costs charging like $10 a month per project to start and then scaling it based off usage?

Not sure but before I begin rebuilding it for the public thought I would seek interest first. Just let me know!


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