Launcher not able to create session with email as user identifier


We integrated RStudio Workbench with Kubernetes. We have a Virtual Machine with RStudio Workbench alongside with the Launcher.

The authentication method that we are using is Azure AD for SAML, using Azure App registrations. As mentioned in the guide the user identifier is the email address.

We were able to launch RStudio Workbench session in the container with Local Accounts. Then we configured the SAML authentication to work with Azure AD. The log in is working properly for RStudio Workbench UI, but when we launch new session we are getting the following error:

What should be the proper approach to solve this?

We have tough of changing the User Attributes of the Azure App registration.
Similar as is mentioned in this RStudio Connect guide: Tutorial: Azure AD SSO integration with RStudio Connect SAML Authentication - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Docs. Were the "nameidentifier" from "user.userprincipalname" to "user.mail", so on our case we want to use usernames instead of emails to solve this issue.
Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!

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