Layout in social network analysis. library(igraph)

I built a social network:

my code:

plot(network, edge.width=E(network)$importance, layout=layout.sphere, vertex.color = "red", edge.color = "red", vertex.frame.color = "red", vertex.size = as.numeric(V(network)$vertex.size), vertex.label.cex=as.numeric(V(network)$vertex.label.cex))

I have a question, how to bring the location of the points, as in the photo:

Guys, really need help with this. Stuck on this point, I need each country to be at the same distance from each other so there is no overlap.

@Varlant1n You are not providing a whole lot of information about what you're trying to do or why. Please create a reprex for this. See the package {reprex}. I would also suggest looking at blog post such as Network Analysis using R and others.

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