Leaflet: local offline tiles using urlTemplate and addResourcePath


I would like to include local tiles for offline leaflet. I have tried to imitate various examples I found on SO, but so far no tiles :slight_smile: . The minimal example looks like this:


#download tiles for a given regions, save it to C:\Users\...\mapTiles\OSM
for (zoom in 10:16)
  GetMapTiles(center = c(lat = 52.431635, lon = 13.194773),
              zoom = zoom,
              nTiles = round(c(20,20)/(17-zoom)))

#just ui
ui = fluidPage(leafletOutput("map"))

#create basic map, load tiles from directory and set view to centre of donloaded tiles
server = function(input, output, server){
  addResourcePath(prefix = "OSM", "C:/Users/.../mapTiles")
  output$map = renderLeaflet({
    leaflet() %>% 
      addTiles( urlTemplate = "OSM/{z}_{x}_{y}.png") %>% 
      setView(52.431635, 13.194773 , zoom = 10) %>% 
      addMarkers(52.431635, 13.194773 )

#run shiny app
shinyApp(ui, server)

I admit, I don't have a clear undertanding of addResourcePath, and haven't found a resource or documentation that would help me with that. So that might be the culprit here.

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