LeanPub - Course 1 - Error

Hi, I am getting an error and can't figure out whether it's the Google sheet format or a code problem. This is an exercise in the LeanPub course.

leanpub <- gs_url(link)
Sheet-identifying info appears to be a browser URL.
googlesheets will attempt to extract sheet key from the URL.
Putative key:
Worksheets feed constructed with public visibility
Error in function_list[k] : Not Found (HTTP 404).

get data from your Google sheet

df <- leanpub %>%

  • gs_read()
    Error in eval(lhs, parent, parent) : object 'leanpub' not found

run a few checks on the data

Error in if (ncol(x) != 4) { : argument is of length zero

plot relationships between cost and readers

Error: You're passing a function as global data.
Have you misspelled the data argument in ggplot()

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