Learning R Programming

Hello. hope whoever is reading this is doing good and safe. I am new here and just completed my Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. I am looking to learn R at a depth level to get a job. can someone suggest me some good places to learn R programming and how to land my first R programming job.

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I personally really like R4DS as a place to start learning R with the Tidyverse.


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Along with @EconomiCurtis 's suggestion, I really like swirl, because it lets you learn R right at the R console. It helped me get excited about writing R code because I could actually see it doing something.

Hi! Surbhi. I am as lost as you are. I too just completed the Google Analytics Professional Certificate.

Right now everything seems so hard. The projects on Kaggle and queries here as well are really intimidating. It looks like I am wasting my time. Things are so complex. But I read somewhere on Kaggle that the first 3-6 months are difficult. Things will get easier. I promise I will keep at it because I like playing with data and hope you do as well.

Anyway, I am using DataCamp to learn R. You can also use @EconomiCurtis's suggestion.

I hope you make great projects and land your dream job. Best of luck!

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