Learning R survey

I gladly took the survey, and all of the questions were very clear except one. The last question on how many people you can ask for help on R, can either be interpreted as "how many people in person" (in which case the number is exactly 0) or "how many people online or in person” (in which case the number is very large because of this community and Stack Overflow). I interpreted it as the latter, but I don't think that's clear from context.


First, many thanks for filling in the survey and providing feedback. We're already getting a lot of great data, so I appreciate your bearing with the instrument's flaws. I've been notified of several, but actually have been getting fewer complaints than I was prepared for.

You are absolutely right that the question is ambiguous; I agonized about proper phrasing and biases for each possibility for a while before settling on that exact wording, and I know that the phrasing I used will cause confusion. I don't want to prejudice answers, so I won't reveal the hypothesis being tested by the question, but I don't think the ambiguity of whether your community is in person or online will hurt the outcome. At the end of the day, I thought that being specific in this case might be prejudicial to how some R users interact in their analytical work, and I didn't want the question to bias the outcome. I decided the user probably knew their community better than I, and that they should decide how to interpret the question and how to answer it.

Sorry for the confusion, and thank you again for taking the time to help us better understand R users!


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