learnr::run_tutorial() not working on rstudio.cloud

Workspace: https://rstudio.cloud/project/161119

Run this in RStudio console on rstudio.cloud: learnr::run_tutorial("hello", package="learnr")

A new browser window opens, but the browser just displays this text error message: ERROR: Couldn't normalize path inaddResourcePath, with arguments:prefix= 'bootstrap-3.3.5';directoryPath= ' '.

NOTE: I can run a local learnr tutorial using the "Run Document" button RStudio on rstudio.cloud. I cannot run learnr::run_tutorial from any package that I have tried thus far.

Sorry you are having issues. I was able to confirm this on my end and it doesn't look like this is working as intended right now. I'm going to open a bug report for it.


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