learnr tutorials keep disconnecting

  • making simple learnr tutorials, but trying them out as a classroom activity (via remote learning)
  • synchronous sessions with about 20-30 students
  • hosted on my ShinyApps account (basic plan, the one that's $40/month)
  • default settings, such as a 15-minute connection timeout, 3 worker processes, 50 concurrent connections allowed

The issue is that the learnr app disconnects everyone after about 5 minutes. When we tried to reload, the disconnection would happen about every minute. Can anyone help me with some insight into what's going on? Is there a way I can get this setup to run smoothly for an audience of about 30 people?

Aside: I hadn't had this level of disconnection when making apps for homework assignments for a 300-person class.

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Same issue here. Small (I think) learnr file / 3 exercises / small data download (18kb) / less than 10 concurrent connections yet lesson stalled out. Tested the night before and morning of via laptop and iPad - worked perfectly. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong as this was my first attempt at interactive remote lesson for high school students with learnr.

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