Left-align a labelled equation

Hello. Greetings from Germany.

I am looking for a way to left-align a labelled equation in R Markdown / Bookdown pdf article. I managed to get a left-aligned equation below, but it voids the label.

  & x_{t} = 
  t, & \textrm{if }t < 100 \\ 
  2 \cdot t, & \textrm{if }t \geq 100

\begin{aligned} & x_{t} = \begin{cases} t, & \textrm{if }t < 100 \\ 2 \cdot t, & \textrm{if }t \geq 100 \end{cases}, (\#eq:eq1) \end{aligned}

Following an answer at StackOverflow, I tried to enclose the aligned environment in the {equation} environment, and in this case, the label works, but the alignment does not as I cannot put an & at the beginning of the equation nor can I put the whole thing in math modes $ ... $ / $$ ... $$, like in the example above:

  x_{t} = 
  t, & \textrm{if }t < 100 \\ 
  2 \cdot t, & \textrm{if }t \geq 100

The above gets knitr'ed but I don't seem to be able to use the & ahead of x_{t} = nor the math blocks. I think I tried the {align} environment, which according to Bookdown documentation should accept labeling, but I wasn't able to get the left-alignment with it.
Does anyone have an idea how to get this to work, i.e. have a left margin-aligned equation and a working label?

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