Legend formatting fix

Hi everyone,

I've been looking all over the internet about how to fix this but no luck. Everything I've tried just ends up creating another legend.
How do I get it so that my legend is either inside or outside of the graph (not half in and half out)?
Also, how do I change the font size just for the legend?

Thanks so much in advance!

interaction.plot(x.factor = Icecream$Size, trace.factor = Icecream$Flavour, response = Icecream$Strength,
ylab = "Hand grip strength (kg)",
xlab = "Ice cream size",
col=c("orange", "pink", "blue"),
lty = 1, #line type
trace.label = "Flavour")

Have you tried simply expanding the plot to be wider, by giving the plot window more space ? you might find that the legend goes to its natural position when there is sufficient room.

If this doesn't work or is unsatisfactory, I would be willing to try to come up with some code for you to control it more explicitly but I would ask that you make a reprex first.

Read about how to do that here : link

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