Let's clarify the successor to ggvis



Can you share a repex i.e gist to see how slow it is ?


+1 for highcharter, definitely it deserves a mention, there’s a lot one can do with highcharter. In one my blog post I have tried to plot some of my favorite interactive charting libraries in R. https://biranjan.github.io/2017/07/interactive-time-series-plots-in-r/


This looks worth following: @timelyportfolio’s https://github.com/timelyportfolio/g2r : experiments with G2, which is “Grammar of Graphics”-based, like ggplot2.


i should warn that these are experimental in nature. I am certainly not in position to build and support a full-featured interactive ggplot2 or ggvis-successor on my own. Happy to start exploring feasibility though.


If anyone wants to join in the fun, I started documenting thoughts and questions in https://github.com/timelyportfolio/g2r/issues. As I mentioned, this is far too big a project to handle on my own, so feel free to contribute.


but dygraph can generate moving averages as well.

It’s lot handy for timeseries analysis.


g2 looks really awesome - g2r unfortunately not (yet?)