library( xlsx) , error: Error occurred during initialization of VM

I'm running into this java error when i try to load a package or library (xlsx);
error i get is:
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

Any help?
I tried most of the google suggested options.
Tried re-installing java/jdk and all and i still get same error.
I'm on RHEL7.9 .


Have you run sudo R CMD javareconf in a system terminal? I might even require a system restart.

Hi Andresrcs -
Yes, we have ran "R CMD javareconf".
We noticed, this issue started happening after OS upgrade. So we tried Downgrading Java , Changed Java path/home to different Java that we have on the server and nothing fixed this.
We found few more packages/libraries with similar issues....


When the developers publish it the get this on Rstudio-connect:

Error occurred during initialization of VM

08/05 07:01:55.684

java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

Error code: render-python-code-error. An error occurred while running Python code.

Possible causes:

  • There is a bug in the Python code being deployed.
  • The Python code depends on conditions that are not present in Connect.
  • The Python code depends on a version of Python that is not configured in Connect.

Possible solutions:

  • Correct bugs in the Python code, then deploy the corrected content.
  • The document rendering log in Connect contains details of the error.
  • For content published from the RStudio IDE, knitting the document in the IDE may also be helpful for debugging.
  • For content published from Jupyter, running the notebook locally may help to isolate the problem.

I see, this is more of an RStudio Connect issue, I'm going to change your topics category to attract attention from RStudio people.

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