LibSSL trouble while installing RStudio on Ubuntu - cannot open shared object file...

On Ubuntu, I have R-base installed and working. I downloaded and installed the .deb package for RStudio but now get this error when trying to run it:

rstudio: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I installed libssl 1.0 seperatly following these instructions from the community [1] but after following the commands I still am getting the same error.

[1] Rstudio Not Working on Ubuntu 18.04 -- No such file or directory

If you've verified that the library is installed, use $ which to confirm that it is in your $PATH environment, otherwise RStudio won't be able to find it.

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What was the name of the .deb package you downloaded? There are different downloads of RStudio for different flavors of Ubuntu; you need to make sure to get the one for Ubuntu 18 (Bionic). Here's a direct link:


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Turns out to be a bit more complicated, because the library is obsolete, apparently, and probably installed in a non-standard location. But the bigger problem is that RStudio shouldn't require it, so the deb installation may have fetched you an out-of-date version.

Go directly to to download the deb file. I'm on a slightly different flavor of Ubunto and an HTML-initiated download prompts for an installer. Circle back if you have problems.

thank you! Can you please say how to add libssl1.0.0 to my path? thanks!

I'll uninstall RStudio on one of my Ubuntu machines to see if I can reproduce the problem and then fix it.

Thank you so much technocrat.

I have downloaded the .deb from this site, uninstalled and reinstalled everything but still get the error.

Can you describe how I can add (force rstudio to use) libssl1.0.0 to my path?