license activation using the offline-activation app

I'm received the license activation codes from rstudio support, and am trying to follow the offline activation instructions at, since the VM showed as expired from the start. I run the code, and get the xml output in the VM terminal. However, I am unable to cut and paste from the VirtualBox Quickstart VM to the offline activation app and manually copying that code is not feasible.

The question is therefore (how it seems to me currently): how do I install the GuestAdditions on the rstudio quickstart VM, to enable easy mouse integration, to copy the xml to the app?

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This is super painful - I'm hoping that we can find a better process for this in the next pass at the QuickStart. You're definitely not alone in this pain, and thanks for reaching out!

I think the easiest way to do this will actually be to enable SSH into the QuickStart. If you go to VirtualBox, you want to go to:

Settings -> Network -> Advanced -> Port Forwarding

Then click the "+" icon, and add an entry for SSH that looks like the following. Mapping port 5001 on your host to port 22 on the guest.


Once you have this setup, you can ssh to the QuickStart in a normal terminal using something like:

ssh -p 5001 rstudio@localhost

Using PuTTy (for Windows users) will be similar - localhost is the host, rstudio is the user, and 5001 is the port.

This should allow you a better workflow for copying and pasting. Do you mind giving that a try and letting me know how it goes?

Hi Cole,

I've edited the Virtualbox settings as you suggested, and managed to go through the offline activation process. I wrote the command-output to files activation-request-command > fileoutput.txt, and then copied files to/from the virtualbox server via WinSCP to enable the activation, for rstudio-server, rstudio connect and rstudio package manager. Here it shows the activation success:

I can see the links now in my browser, so I can now start to try it all out.


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Whew!! Well done! That's tough! I'm very glad to hear you have it up and running. Apologies for the painful experience, though!

Please let us know if you have any further questions as you explore and give things a try!

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