Line graph with 3 columns

My data looks like this
Date Location Plays
01/10/23 NYC 50
02/10/23 Paris 38

what i have so far but the points join together i want to see individual lines per location

SpotifyCountries %>%
ggplot(aes(Date, Plays, colour = "Location"))+
geom_point(size = 2, alpha = 0.3)+
geom_line(size = 1)

you have quoted Location so that its not understood to be a variable in your frame but rather just literally the string Location so remove the quores around it if you want it to be understood as taking the values NYC, Paris , etc.

That's great thank you

Do you know how i would add a title to this please ?

is there a geom_title(title)

? etc

geom_* are for mapped aesthetics, i.e. where your data should change a visual dimension of the chart.
Typically a title is just a description up top of the chart that is independent of the data, so there is not a geom for that.

use ggtitle to set a title label.
documented : Modify axis, legend, and plot labels — labs • ggplot2

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