Line of R not running…

Have been trying to run a line of code for spatial error model. Each time I run this line, the progress bar on the R markdown begins to go green but then partially stops and doesn’t complete. Thought it may just be taking a while, but has been stuck like this for a long time. Not sure if there are errors since it doesn’t even get to the point of outputting an error message. When I try to stop the line being executed, nothing happens so I have to restart R. All other lines of code in the markdown work fine.

Have you checked red marked symbol (apostrophe) in your data input name? I think remove that and try again. I hope it will work :slight_smile:

Suggestion-- Its better to copy-paste error from your R to here. Screenshot sometimes not helpful to identify error reason.

Have done, was actually a mark on my screen.

The line of code was

se_model <- errorsarlm(LOG_RATE ~ EMPLOYMENT_RANK + BARRIERS_RANK + Age_16_23 + Not_UK_Born, data = merge data, spatial_weights)


Is this data name is correct? if yes then make it --merge_data, and then try

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