Linking users in the Audit Logs to other users.


I'm using get audit log to retrieve the audit logs. This gives me back, amongst other things, a user_id. How should I link the user_id to an actual user? The user API returns a guid column for linking.

Ahhh :sob: So painful. Thank you for reporting this. You're right - this is quite sub-par. Let me see if I can find a decent workaround for this mapping. It may be that we need to fix this in the audit log endpoint to record user guid (the new way) instead of ID (the old way).

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Just following up here that there is unfortunately not a better way to handle this today :disappointed:

The one place I am aware of that you can retrieve User IDs is in the CLI via the /opt/rstudio-connect/bin/usermanager list command. We are definitely aiming to improve and fix this deficiency in the product! Thanks again for reporting!

Thanks for getting back to me.

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For sure!! Apologies that it took so long and that I didn't have a better answer :sweat_smile:

This got lost in one of my hundreds of browser tabs (I have a browser tab hoarding problem) :stuck_out_tongue:

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