List of all possible argument values for writeRStudioPreference?

I use writeRStudioPreference() to make it easy for my students to set up their RStudio environments. For example, I have them all run:

writeRStudioPreference("save_workspace", "never")

Two questions:

  1. Where is the list all all possible argument values for writeRStudioPreference() ?

  2. In the new (?) settings options for visual editing, I would like to check "Preview in Viewer Pane". Is there an argument value to writeRStudioPreference() which would do this?

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Thanks! But that list does not seem to include any settings associated with the new (?) Quarto pulldown menu options:

For example, I want to change the default from "Preview in Window" to "Preview in Viewer Pane". Is there a way to do that?

UPDATE: Found it! I was looking for:

rstudioapi::writeRStudioPreference("rmd_viewer_type", "pane")

Thanks again!

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