Load data from excel file



Hello everyone!
I am new to R and shiny and having trouble to load some excel file.
The point is that I've built a local App with shiny loading the excel file at beginning and then using a dataframe to manipulate it.
Now I am trying to load the file from excel in Shiny but I am having errors since the code tries first to compile all the functions I've made after having loaded my data but now i want this to be built after having loading the file..

Thank you


Hi @VictorB! Welcome!

It's a little difficult to understand exactly what your problem is since there isn't a code example. In general, when asking questions about Shiny code here it's good to follow the suggestions in our Shiny debugging and reprex guide for creating a small, reproducible example that demonstrates your problem.

That said, it sounds like maybe you're running into trouble with what the app should do when the data hasn't been uploaded yet? This article discusses Shiny tools that help with that situation: https://shiny.rstudio.com/articles/req.html