Loading a Shiny application as an R package

I was reading here that in Shiny 1.5 applications will automatically source files in the R/ folder. This is great.

I'm wondering if one could also load a Shiny application as an R package. In my case, I'm developing an R package with an accompanying Shiny interface. Is there a best practice for organizing this type of tool in such a way that users can install/load the functions/objects as an R package as well as spin up the Shiny interface?

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You can absolutely load a Shiny application within an R package!

Take a look at the bottom of Shiny - Sharing apps to run locally.

As an example, I'm not sure what the best practice is, but I previously followed the directions on the link above by putting my shiny app in the inst/ folder of my package and writing a runApp() function in my package to run the app.

My package/app is by no means a good general example, but it seems to work:

application directory within package repo

I've been placing any big apps or apps that I want to share inside R packages for 5 years and it's been working out great. So yes, it's a great idea. It's best to keep all the "business logic" of your app inside the R folder as separate functions and files, so that they can be tested easily (since you're now in a package - you get a testing framework!). The DESCRIPTION file is a great way to make it clear what package dependencies the app needs. There are lots of benefits for this.