Loading dataset in RStudio Cloud

I am using RMarkdown and was trying to load csv dataset from my computer but keep getting error that dataset doesn't exist. The path to the dataset is: C:\Users\myname\Downloads\dataset
Is there a way to get this right?


You need to upload the csv file from your computer to RStudio Cloud. The lower right pane has five tabs: Files, Plots, Packages, Help and Viewer. Click on Files and then on Upload. Click on Choose File, navigate to the csv file, click on Open and then OK.

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Thanks! The file turns out to be too large, about 200 MB beyond the 500 MB limit. I zipped it and it was reduced to 158 MB before I uploaded the zip file on the pane and set the zip file as working directory. However, the read_csv() returns an error that a file does exist in current working directory despite it being there.

I have used zip files before when uploading multiple files, but not for a large single file. Why did you change the working directory for your project? Does the file not already appear in the Files tab?

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I am not sure what I did wrong. The zip file is already uploaded and appear in the tab, and I set it as working directory. Shouldn't I have set it as working directory in the first place? Is that what you mean?

If it appears in the Files tab along with project.Rproj then it is already in the default directory (/cloud/project), which is where it should have uploaded your data. I have been using RStudio Cloud for a couple of years and have never changed the working directory.

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