Loading issues plotly plots in Linux server after changing filters


At my company we have quite an extensive R shiny application that uses more than 100 plotly visualizations. If the applications starts, all visualizations are loaded, however, if you change the filter settings, 30% of the plotly visualizations doesn’t reload and only displays reloading...

Does anybody ever encounter a similar issue, or knows how we could resolve this issue?

I don't think we will be able to debug your entire application for you.
If it was part of my job to fix this, I would focus on one plot that featured the problematic behaviour, disable/hide the others, and debug it till it worked as required, then move on to the next


Thanks for your response. The thing is, I can't really debug it because in Rstudio everything is working correctly, but in the live Linux server we have these loading issues, only after changing filters settings. There's also not something wrong with the visuals themselves, but, more with the visuals in the Linux server after resetting the filters.

check your logs on the deployment server ?
Try and get a development server, set up like your deployment server, and run rstudio on that ?