Lobstr - sxp() function

Please let me know if there is any documentation on this function available beyond the rd page.

Using on the iris dataset as an example: I am not sure what these numbers in brackets mean (named: 1) etc., some of them seem to change when objects get copied.

#> [1:0x55d58ebc08f8] <VECSXP[5]> (object named:3)
#>   Sepal.Length [2:0x55d58e68f560] <REALSXP[150]> (named:1)
#>   Sepal.Width [3:0x55d58e11de70] <REALSXP[150]> (named:1)
#>   Petal.Length [4:0x55d58fb3c8b0] <REALSXP[150]> (named:1)
#>   Petal.Width [5:0x55d58ec0ee60] <REALSXP[150]> (named:1)
#>   Species [6:0x55d58c6ed310] <INTSXP[150]> (object named:1)
#>     _attrib [7:0x55d59033fd48] <LISTSXP> (named:1)
#>       levels [8:0x55d58c9e1c78] <STRSXP[3]> (named:1)
#>       class [9:0x55d590323a30] <STRSXP[1]> (named:1)
#>   _attrib [10:0x55d59033fcd8] <LISTSXP> (named:1)
#>     names [11:0x55d58ebc0a48] <STRSXP[5]> (named:65535)
#>     class [12:0x55d59035f050] <STRSXP[1]> (named:1)
#>     row.names [13:0x55d59035f018] <INTSXP[2]> (named:1)

Created on 2021-08-18 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

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