Location of keybindings files on Windows

The documentation at https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206382178-Customizing-Keyboard-Shortcuts says that custom keybindings are stored at ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/rstudio_commands.json and ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/editor_commands.json.

But under Windows both the path and the filenames are wrong.

  • The .R/rstudio directory is located at ~/Documents/.R/rstudio, not ~/.R/rstudio
  • The keybindings files are not located there, but in ~/AppData/Roaming/RStudio/keybindings
  • The keybindings filenames have changed. They are editor_bindings.json and rstudio_bindings.json, not editor_commands.json and rstudio_commands.json
  • So the actual paths for these files are ~/AppData/Roaming/RStudio/keybindings/rstudio_bindings.json and ~/AppData/Roaming/RStudio/keybindings/editor_bindings.json.

Cross-reference: see https://community.rstudio.com/t/has-rstudio-keybindings-location-changed/17054

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Looks like the documentation page is a little old but as far I know it should still be valid: might need updating - going to tag @kevinushey as it's his article.

FWIW in my setup (Windows 10), I have editor_bindings.json and rstudio_bindings.json within ~/Documents/.R/rstudio/keybindings as well as in ~/AppData/Roaming/RStudio/keybindings - the files are very similar but the latter ones are more recently modified (I've got bindings in the latter that I've added recently, which aren't in files in the former location).

I've updated the article with the new paths for RStudio 1.3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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