lockfile in packrat bundle is not being detected

I have a small shiny web application and through packrat package, I've bundled it. For this I've used two commands in this order :
" packrat::bundle(include.bundles = FALSE, omit.cran.src = TRUE)".
It has created a lock file in the packrat folder of my project and then bundled it.
Now after uploading this bundle on the docker, I'm coming across the following error:
"91mError: This project does not have a lockfile. (Have you called 'packrat::snapshot()' yet?)
Execution halted
0mThe command '/bin/sh -c su docker -c "R -e 'packrat::restore();'"' returned a non-zero code: 1".
I've checked the bundle and it has the lockfile inside it, still the error persist. Do anyone have an idea, why this might be happening? Does lockfile need to be in any specific position?

I never used packrat, and I believe renv is planned to supercede it but I would make an educated guess that the above should pass appropriate parameters to packrat::restore() in particular I'm thinking of the project param

Yes, "renv" is preferred over "packrat". But I will have to work in packrat only due to my setup requirements. And since the editor is "read-only" I cannot change the command from my side. I'm just not able to understand why it would say that there is no lockfile, even though it is there. Anyway, Thanks for your reply.

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