Locking of old threads

Sometimes I google for something R related and come across a post in the RStudio Community. I'm very active in online technical discussions, so I often want to add information - either provide a solution to a thread that hasn't been resolved, or add a workaround, or any other information that may be helpful for future visitors. But I noticed that usually the threads are locked.

I find it very limiting, and it's a reason why I've started advising some of my clients to post questions on StackOverflow rather than here, just because I know that while here people are friendlier, at least on SO someone can come along in a year and answer, which isn't uncommon.

Are threads automatically locked after a short period of inactivity? If so, I'd like to officially cast my vote in favour of abolishing auto-locking of threads :slight_smile:

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+1 on this ... there are times, too, where I've wanted to 'resurrect' a thread. Instead, I've typically had to 'reincarnate' a thread instead by starting anew and linking back to the original, which feels clunky. I wonder if Discourse (the underlying forum software) has any sort of necromancer plugin :laughing:?

These are the official explanation and suggested walk-around.

Thanks for the link Andres. I do understand the reason why some threads should be closed.

It still seems overly restirctive. I have asked questions on stackoverflow where there was no answer for a long time and all of a sudden somebody answered months later, and it was very helpful. I would never have known that my question is answered otherwise. Similarly, I've answered questions more than a few months after they were asked many times, and in almost all cases the old participants in the discussions were grateful.

So I would still like to raise this issue and reconsider the automatic locking of ALL threads. Perhaps simple "help with my one specific issue that I'm having" threads make sense to close, but more general/discussion threads don't. So maybe the author of each thread could choose at time of creation whether they want to auto-lock? If the decision has to be made for all posts, I would personally prefer to err on the side of too much discussion rather than the side of helpful information not reaching its audience.

I beleive auto locking can be set per category, maybe it can be set per tag also, if that is the case then I think the "question" tag (which enables Stackoverflow like interactions) could be set with no auto locking, but I think that globally disabling auto locking is not a good fit for this forum since this is more beginner oriented.
On Stack Overflow there are plenty of people that will bully you if you do not comply with the forum policies preventing you from making the forum a mess.