logging in and publishing to quarto.pub

I'm trying to get help on a quarto document (Kable table with links showing raw markdown code in quarto file) and want to show the resulting html files on the web to get help.

I can't seem to login to quarto.pub (using github) using firefox, but I can in chrome (not my default browser).
(I click github on the login screen, handle 2fa, and it redirects me back to the login page).

Since Chrome is not my default browser, I can't publish from rstudio to quarto.pub.

So either A) what's going on with firefox, or B) can i tell quarto pub to use chrome?

OR is it because i'm trying to publish to quarto.pub from RStudio cloud?

Hi there,

Can you share a screenshot of the error you get when attempting to publish to quarto.pub from RStudio Cloud?


You are also welcome to login to this project and see for yourself: RStudio Cloud

This looks really similar to an issue that I opened with quarto-cli:

I'm hoping that the next version of quarto will have a fix.

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