Long lasting processes

Hello, I am trying out the RStudio Cloud, It's a very good system.

My main case use is to be able to outsource resource-heavy processes so as to free my working computer (a laptop) from being clogged during computations.

But RStudio hangs after a while, asking to terminate the process. So it's this service not thought for long-lasting processes?

Hi @bakaburg1,

Glad to hear you're enjoying Cloud, and thanks for your post.

I think whether Cloud can meet your use-case right now depends on what you mean by long-lasting, and also what you mean by resource-heavy. This topic might be relevant:

Please let us know if you have additional questions (or if that post didn't answer yours).


Thanks, in my case surely it was less than 24h. Probably a memory problem? would it terminate the session?



I think the session timeout was reduced to 4 hours. Is that consistent with the behavior you were seeing?


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