Long Text in Shiny Table

I am having problems with renderTable() and renderDataTable() functions in my Shiny app.

I query my data for a single row of information on a stored company then transpose/gather the data for a cleaner view in my app. While this works fine in Rstudio, for some reason, the longer text cell containing a description of the company does not show up in the deployed app. Not sure why the difference.

output$tblCompany <- renderTable({
selectCompany <- input$company
companyData <- Companies %>%
filter(Company_Name == selectCompany) %>%
select(Company = Company_Name, Country, Sector, Industry, Description, Website) %>%
gather(key = , value = )

Anyone have this or a similar problem? The rest of the data shows up fine, but the longer text description does not show up in the deployed app.


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