Long wakeup time for app on shinyapps.io

Hi all. An app I have hosted on shinyapps.io is taking a long time to wake up (i.e., when my acct tells me my app instance is sleeping, I visit my app, and the first time it loads it takes a long time), and I'm trying to make a decision about how to re-write my code for better wakeup performance. A couple things to note that I believe are related:

  • I am using a free-tier account at the moment while I test different hosting options
  • My app is large (~2.5 GB, mostly in the form of a SQLite db), which based on my research might technically exceed an app limit of 1 GB for free accounts (yet my app still works)

Not knowing much about how shinyapps.io works "under the hood", I'm having difficulty figuring out how I should proceed to improve the wakeup performance. Should I:

  • Purchase a higher tier account?
  • Offload some of my SQLite data sources onto web services?
  • Make a tweak to one of the app settings?

Many thanks for any insight the community could provide.

Are you doing a lot of processing in the startup of your application? (outside the shinyApp() function)?

Thanks for weighing in :slight_smile:. I don't think it's startup processing time. A couple of things leading to that conclusion:

  • When I run it locally there is no lag
  • I've done a profvis() analysis on startup functionality, and it's pretty light on processing
  • I only experience a lag upon wakeup (when my instance was previously sleeping)

But maybe I'm missing something? Apologies for the lack of detail--I wish this was something I could provide a simple example for. Perhaps I could test with a very simple app that comes packaged with a large file?