Looking for an active project for tooltips in Shiny

I am looking for some stable solutions for tooltips in Shiny.

I had used shinyBS for some time, but it has not been maintained for 6 years and issues and pull requests abound.

Then I switched to tippy. It has a version 0.1 on CRAN dated January 2021, but the version 1.0 on github has breaking changes, so I adapted my CRAN packages to use the github version, expecting an upload to CRAN. In December 2021, the author promised an upload. No response from him, even with private emails.

There is also the slim css-based prompter, but I need a solution that can be switched on/off from the server code.

Any solution that is reasonably stable would be helpful


This link must be of some use to you. Link to download the rscript is in the video description. This is from my channel

Not really. It uses shinyBS, which I mentioned in my post