Looking for resources for packaging shiny apps

I'm looking for thorough resources that explain how to incorporate css, js, markdown (e.g. includeMarkdown()), image, and other files in a packaged shiny app. I've followed the instructions in chapter 20 of mastering Shiny but it doesn't offer much in how the www/ folder gets incorporated into the inst/ folder.

It seems like I need to use addResourcePath() sand the inst folder, but half the time I get a "cannot open the connection" error. I'm not really sure how or when files are added from the inst/ folder to the root directory.

This issue (Suggestion: Explicitly discourage use of `includeScript()` and `includeCSS()` · Issue #3225 · rstudio/shiny · GitHub) was helpful in realizing that I shouldn't use includeCSS() but not much else.


Hi @rbcavanaugh

I "HIGHLY" encourage you to use the {golem} package to make your apps as it automatically packages your app for you and makes it easy for you to add extra resources to your app . It's really great.


Thanks! I've tried using golem a bit and I do like how it simplifies some things about package development. Maybe I'll go back to that. I'm still figuring out how to use modules which is why I've avoided golem previously.

I do wish there was a more detailed guide to packaging a shiny app without having to use extra packages like golem.

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