Looping through regressions

I am trying to loop through a regression where the dependent variable is in logarithmic form and the independent variable is years which is in linear form. I want to store the growth rates (the antilogarithm of the estimated regression coefficient minus 1) in a dataframe. I want to do this for several entities. I have stored data for each entity as a dataframe in a list. When I try the code below for one entity, it works:

reg1 <- lm(log(var1) ~ year, data=lst[[1]] )
growth_rate[1,1] <- (exp(coef(reg1[2]-1)*100)

Now I want to do this for several entities (I have 32 entities). Data on var1 for each entity is stored as a dataframe in list. So if I write a for loop, I could use lst[[i]] but I am not sure how to index the regression output. I tried the following but it doesn't work:

for (i in 1:32){
 reg[i] <- lm (log(var1) ~ year, data=lst[[i]])
 growth_rate[1:32,1] <- (exp(coef(reg[i]))[2] - 1)*100

Any help would be really appreciated.

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